Information on Assessments: Exams, Projects and Assignments

We can't promise exams won't have this effect!

If you are planning to take these courses and get a certificate you will need to complete a number of assessments.

You are of course welcome to follow the courses and not hand anything in - it's up to you. We won't chase you for course work unless you ask us to!

Each module has its own requirements. You will find the breakdown for each module listed near to the top of it's course page:

We will introduce each assessment one-by-one through the course so you aren't overwhelmed with everything at once. At the beginning of the course just the titles are available. We will let you know as each full description becomes available.

There are three types of assessment:

  1. Exams
  2. Projects
  3. Skills Assignments


Exams are at the college on April 5th and 6th 2014. (Exact details will be announced nearer the time).

We're sorry to put you through these! Not all the modules have an exam. We know that the last time most of us did exams was years ago at school so we try to make it as painless as possible.

There will be plenty of revision and the questions aren't designed to trick you - they just check that you've been paying attention! All the exams are between 1 hour 30 mins and 2 hours.


For modules with projects, these are longer pieces of work where you write a report on something practical that you have done (e.g. grown a crop) or some research you have done (e.g. on renewable energy).

We like you to include photos and pictures. Projects can be typed or hand written. We ask you to print them out and put in a folder to be handed in at the college.

Projects should be printed out and handed in.

When projects are launched we give you full instructions on what you need to do, help with what to include and ideas on how long to make your project. We provide sample projects from previous years.

Skills Assignments

These are shorter pieces of work where you write a short report on something you've done (e.g. a soil texture test).

Where possible we ask you to upload these files to the DL website - instructions will follow! You can also hand write them and post them in to us if you prefer.


The final deadline for all work is 6th September 2014. Your work will then be assessed for the QQI/FETAC awards in the Autumn assessment period.

Skills assignments have deadlines throughout the course. We ask you to stick to these where possible - especially if you're doing several modules. If you leave everything to the end you will have too much to do!

We will remind you of deadlines and you will also see them in the calendar on the website and on the course pages.

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