Buying Organic Seeds

Where to buy

Organic registered growers are now required to buy certified organic seed. If you are just growing for home consumption then there is obviously no-one forcing you to buy organic seeds. However it is good to support the suppliers of organic seeds.

There are a range of suppliers some based in Ireland and some who will deliver to Ireland.

Organic Trust - List of Irish Suppliers

The Organic trust maintain a good web page with an up-to-date list of suppliers.

Here is another helpful link to many Irish seed suppliers around Ireland:

Fruit Hill Farm sell a full range or organic seeds and other useful supplies for organic growers. They do mail order delivery to anywhere in Ireland.

Larger Packets from the UK

If you are looking for bulk supplies of seeds, Kings and Suffolk Herbs in the UK offer good prices on larger packets. When contacting King's Seeds, ask for the 'Growers Catalogue' - it has an organic section and it allows you to order seeds in larger quantities and you'll get better value.

Remember, your seeds will stay viable for some time so you don't have to use them all at once.

If buying mail order organic seeds seems a bit daunting - just head down to your local garden centre.

Other options from the UK for open pollinated seeds is:

also try: - good for squashes!

Unusual vegetable / salad seeds from further away

Emer O'Flaherty of Springfield gardens gets some of her more unusual salads from further away in the US / Canada:

When to buy

You can buy seeds at any time of the year. Keen gardeners usually make their main order in winter ready for spring planting.

There's a discussion from a few years ago on the General Discussion we had about seed suppliers here:

And a list of some of my favourite seed websites that I mentioned a few weeks ago on the site news:

Any other suggestions gratefully received.

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